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Labstract Ltd


Labstract runs the UK Bio Lab Network, set up to share knowledge and best practice across the UK's life science laboratories. The network is free to join.


We host regular meetings and networking events to allow members to keep up to date with current technologies, working practices and topical issues.


Please contact us if you would like to sponsor our events.


These events are often held in combination with multi-supplier exhibitions, allowing networking members to see a broad range of featured technologies side by side. Previous exhbitions have focused on themes such as cell imaging and flow cytometry.


Next event:


Details coming soon



Past events:


20th November 2020 (Webinar)


Transporting Your Biological Samples During Brexit and Beyond

Combinatorial culture technology for cell and gene therapy applications

Unit DX incubator, growing the scientific ecosystem in the West of England

September 2020 (Webinar):


Lighthouse & co-working labs at Alderley Park

Lumit immunoassays: an easier, faster method for analyte detection

The power of collaboration: Widening access to science & scientific resources


July 2020 (Webinar)


Recent Advances in Flow Cytometry

Management of Co-working Labs at Oxford Bioescalator

Transport and Storage of Cells & Tissues at Room Temperature


May 2020 (Webinar)


Automated Cell Culture

Hazard Classification of Biological Agents

New Biolab Facilities at Cambridge Science Park

Discussion - How do we maintain physical distancing in a lab environment?



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Coming soon


Coming soon: February 2020 UK Bio Lab Network virtual meeting. The network is free to join.


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