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Labstract Ltd




Labstract is run by Dr Suki Klair.


Suki is a trained medicinal chemist and has a successful track record of progressing small molecule oncology products to the clinic. He is co-author on over 20 patents and scientific publications.


In 2012, Suki was appointed head of technical services at the newly created Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst (SBC) incubator. His Labstract team managed the SBC and GE Healthcare shared laboratories and provided hands-on specialist services such as flow                                                               cytometry and cell based assays.


Labstract has since expanded its offering and now provides knowledge and expertise to science parks and incubators across the country.



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UK Bio Lab Manager Network


Labstract runs the UK Bio Lab Managers Network - set up to share knowledge and best practice through regular networking and technology showcasing events.


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